Why Financial Wellness?


Eolas Financial Wellbeing programs tackle employee concerns by helping employees gain control over their finances, leading to a more focused, motivated and productive workforce.

The workplace is a natural location for financial wellbeing initiatives to take place because it’s the conduit through which people earn money.

As a result, financial wellbeing initiatives within the workplace create a mutually beneficial environment of education, engagement, motivation and increased financial security thus:

  • Improving employee physical and mental health (people with high levels of financial stress are more prone to sickness);
  • Augmenting the perception of your company brand;
  • Increasing employee engagement, productivity and retention;
  • Decreasing financial worries and distractions; and
  • Reducing employee absenteeism.

Organisations have every reason to want their employees to be financially sound, and an effectively designed employee financial wellness program can help employers reduce a key barrier to productivity and motivation in the workplace.

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