Develop and maintain healthy tech habits


I recently completed Google’s “Intro to digital wellbeing” online training course.

It is a short (30-60 minute) training session that discusses how to develop and maintain healthy tech habits.

I would certainly recommend anyone to complete the course. It is short, with videos from engaging speakers and experts in the area of Digital Wellbeing and short knowledge questions at the end. I found the information to be really useful and provided in a clear and simple way.

At the end of the course, you will hear the speakers give their top tips for developing & maintaining healthy tech habits, which they have divided into Digital Guidelines and Physical Guidelines.

To make this information easier to utilise, I’ve written them up and put them together in a one-pager attached here. That way, you can print them off and put them on your desk at work, or on the homescreen of your computer or smartphone as a reminder to manage your digital habits.

So complete the online training course first, and then download the PDF document below and enjoy some Happy Tech-ing!


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