About Quokka Wellness

Our story

Empower your employees to control their digital environments.

​Quokkas are believed to be the happiest animals in the world, and that is the vision for Quokka Wellness. We are Workplace Wellness providers who want to help workers to be happy in a digital world.
This doesn’t mean we’re anti-techology of course. We believe that managing our digital health is the key.

Quokka Wellness helps companies to maximise the productivity and engagement of their talent, while improving retention and reducing stress-related absenteeism.
We do this by providing workshops and training programs empowering employees to control their digital environments. 


Choose the service that suits your workplace

We offer a combination of webinars, workshops & online courses.


Our education and information webinars are provided either online or in-person.


Book a virtual or in-person workshop, which are interactive, engaging and perfect workplace wellness events.


Invigorating 30 minute talks that can be delivered at lunchtime to ensure maximum engagement.

Online Courses

Support your employees to learn valuable skills at their own pace and at a time and location that suits them.

Speaking engagements

Hosting an event & looking for a speaker to engage the crowd? We have you covered.

Our partners

No one is an island, so we like to work with like-minded organisations.

Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health's vision is to help you live a healthier life.



Supporting staff wellness in the public sector.



Roche discovers, develops and provides innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products.

Galway Executive Skillnet

Galway Executive Skillnet

A multi-sector learning network which provides subsidised training for over 300 local businesses.



Building corporate wellness strategies, systems, and processes to help you create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.