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Demystifying Resilience – Lunch and Learn Online Workshop

125.00 30 minutes

“Resilience” is a buzz word at the moment, but what does it really mean? And how can we become more resilient, especially in today’s world of constant change?
This webinar focuses on:

  • how to implement the ABC model of resilience to help you face any adversity
  • the ingredients that constitute resilient thinking
  • how to cultivate a growth mindset

Effective Remote Teams – Lunch and Learn Online Workshop

199.00 60 minutes

Many organisations were thrown into the deep end of Remote Work due to lockdown. And while true remote work can have massive benefits, the current mode of work can be difficult to manage. This webinar focuses on:

  • Pros and cons of remote work
  • Flexible working hours & work<>life balance
  • Tech communications: Benefits and pitfalls
  • Strategies to manage“work creep

Managing Continuous Change – Lunch and Learn Online Workshop

199.00 60 minutes

As the saying goes “the only constant in life is change”, and that has never been truer than today. We all face changes every day – whether it is a simple change in the weather, our schedule or the expected change of seasons. Change affects us all and we each deal with change differently. This webinar focuses on:

  • Natural responses to change
  • Strategies for managing “change fatigue”
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Overcoming Distractions – Lunch and Learn Online Workshop

199.00 60 minutes

“Many of us are struggling to stay focused with working from home at the moment. Our current situation has left a lot of us multitasking, firefighting and being completely distractable. This can have a real impact on our wellbeing, and our ability to do our work to a level we are used to. This webinar demonstrates a number of practical strategies that can support you to overcome distractions, regain focus and become “Indistractable“.”