Full Day “Work Digitally Smart” Training (HR/OH&S/Line Managers)


This full-day training program is targeted towards HR/OH&S/management.

It comprises of the following additional modules:

Module 1: Understanding digital stress

  • Overview
  • Activities & Worksheets

Module 2: Dealing with digital stress

  • Understand and identify techniques
  • Provision of “digital minimalism” concept and 30 day program
  • Activities & mindfulness exercise

Module 3: Health & Digital Wellness

  • Understand the connections between digital & physical health
  • Fostering a healthy digital culture

Module 4: Employer responsibilities around digital health & wellness

  • Incorporating a “Work Digitally Smart” policy in your organisation
  • How to manage & support employees to prevent digital stress, or those already suffering digital stress outcomes

It includes a number of worksheets & pre/post assessment forms that attendees complete before, during & after the session (these are provided).

Cost: €2,500 for up to 15 people