Topic Progress:
  • Take a look at the file attached below which contains digital management guidelines, adapted from Google Garage’s digital wellbeing program. Put them somewhere visible and think about how you could incorporate some of the advice into your own day.
  • Print off the “Digital Resilience Worksheet”. If you don’t have a printer, you can download the “Editable Digital Resilience Worksheet” instead.
  • The first section of the worksheet is called “Digital use pros and cons”. This is not an anti-technology course, so I want you to take some time before the next lesson to list out the pros and cons of your own digital use. Some examples of pros could be “I participate in political activism online”, “I use social media to connect with friends/family”, or “video conferencing is hugely beneficial for my work”. Some cons could be “I waste a lot of time scrolling mindlessly”, “looking at my phone at night impacts my sleep”, or “I find it difficult to focus in work when I’m jumping from one digital task to the next”.

There are no right or wrong answers. You know your behaviours best. And if you don’t, maybe ask a loved one or colleague to give their opinion – but be prepared that you might get an answer you don’t want!